Djeelya Young Women

Our Why

Nurturing tomorrow’s Aboriginal woman.

Our vison for our ‘Djeelya Woman’

Our program creates strong, confident, driven, fearless and respectful Aboriginal women because she is self-empowered by knowledge and independence.  She is driven to be successful in life by being focused on her career whilst embracing her culture and carving her own path into womanhood.

What we do

Djeelya nurtures all young Aboriginal women at a critical time in their lives, as they are on the verge of womanhood (12-18 yo). We give them the tools to make successful life choices and allow them to find their own individual identity and strong cultural foundations, which allows them to blossom and realise their own self-esteem and self-empowerment. This prepares them to consistently make positive life choices and building strong communities as an adult.

The Djeelya ARISE Program

Our traditional women would take a Dilly bag and gather resources for their mob.  The ARISE Workshop allows the girls to gather modern-day resources to empower their journey in a modern world.

Djeelya means ‘Wild Honey’ in traditional Noongar language and was traditionally used to heal and protect our people. Our workshops focus on healing and protecting our girls and empowering them to find their own inner strength and resilience through knowledge and build their outer confidence to carve their own post-schooling pathways.

Through this fun, interactive and experiential workshop we allow the girls to build confidence through a connection with their culture and aspiring them to become leaders and ‘lighthouses’ in their communities by providing them with health, well-being and goal-setting skills to pursue their dreams.

The Djeelya ARISE Program focuses on 4 core modules.