Our Mission

Our Impact Intent

We feel that ‘doing good’ in the community is an integral part of doing ‘good business’. Creating a space for Elders and youngsters to find respect and integration, allowing communities to thrive.

Our programs facilitate cultural connections, between Elders, children and young adults, and between families and the wider community.

We also recognise, enable and support the charitable endeavours of people and NGO’s who are already doing great work in the community.

We exist to reignite, reconnect, reinstate and hold space for our community, strengthening the cultural connections between our generations, young and old. Strong Culture. Strong People, Culture Strong.

The Spear Foundation creates a platform and space to reignite our cultural voice and close the generational disconnect. Walking with our people and fostering pathways to allow our community to reconnect and stand together, reigniting strong cultural connection across the generations and extending that connection.

Fostering synergies and connections within nations binds us all and creates a positive and sustainable future of togetherness for all.

Our Values

Culture – between cultures and communities, connecting people to their culture. Reconnection of cultural existence through our Elders, having a place where our Elders can sit again and rekindle their kinship, children learn from this and creates a natural education of kinship structure and respect of cultural health, safety and competency inside our community.

Connection – To give a child a strong understanding of who they are and where they come from is to give them solid foundations of life to build from as well as connections across cultures.

Collaboration – Creating an environment where people feel part of something – creating that connection, collaboration and rekindling.

Preparing – Encouraging the younger generation to aspire to cultural standards from the past, to keep the community cared for, safe and fulfilled, by establishing a sense of individual self-worth.

The Spider Story

Kings Park, located on the traditional land of the Wadjuk people of the Noongar nation, is a sacred place for our people and the home of the Spider.  The individual strands of the spider’s web connect and binds us all together as one community.

The segments of the woven web represent rooms created by the spider and these rooms are a place of dreaming where we can access knowledge of the ancestors and bring their energy to heal and care for one another within our community.

Kings Park is our people’s stronghold, and the colour blue is the water in the sphere of the spider and its web that we travel through when we dream.

This traditional story passed down through the generations is at the core of the foundation’s purpose – caring for the community we all connect to.